Sunday, August 2, 2015

A week in photos

Saturday the 25th (holiday weekend in Utah).  We decided to go explore Antelope island.  I haven't been there since we filmed PotGSL and Connor hadn't been there in forever either.  Well, Matthew fell asleep while we were on the causeway and Dylan threw up a thousand times (really only like 3 times).  Our car still smells a little like vomit.  

On Wednesday the 29th I woke up and couldn't find Matthew.  I panicked for a moment, and then Connor found him here.  This is the toy room closet.  He was holding the iPad, but I used it to take the picture.

Our swing cushion is falling apart, but I sort of fixed it!

Also on the 29th, my mom had a birthday.  I dug out this super awesome photo.  I can't remember what year this was -- I'm guessing 1993ish.

Saturday August 1st.  Matthew wanted to put the chair in his car, and became very frustrated when it wouldn't fit.

I think this was also Saturday morning.  He woke up very tired and promptly fell back asleep on the recliner.  Once again, cuddling the iPad.

On Saturday we went to the park and were the only ones there!  We didn't stay too long, and the kids didn't play on the playground at all.  Matthew mostly dug in the sand at the volleyball court, and Dylan walked around banging on the picnic tables because they make such a fun sound!

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